Rural, Farm and Timberland Property Appraisal

Types of Property

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Agricultural property, ranging from grass seed land, orchards, cane berry fields, developed and undeveloped vineyard property, row crops, commercial nursery operations, pasture land and cranberry bogs have been appraised. These have ranged from small gentleman farms to many thousands of acres of land.

Also completed include large acreage timbered properties, including those that have involved the hiring of a professional forester for the completion of a timber cruise and valuation. Appraisals of recreational property have included trophy ranches measuring tens of thousands of acres in size, to small camping sites, mountain retreats and church lodging facilities.


"Tyler has worked on several large land appraisals for our organization in Benton County. Mr. Woods provided excellent and timely appraisal services. It was a pleasure working with him as he was very responsive to our needs and the needs of our clients. We look forward to working with him again in the future."

Michael Pope Executive Director Greenbelt Land Trust